Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eat and be merry(ed)

I'm fresh home from a lovely (number X off the season) wedding. The following nuptials went down in Atlanta, Georgia.

The blushing bride was stunning in her custom made Marchesa gown, the groom looked happier then I have ever seen him before.

Below are a few snapshots from the affair. Here here to the happy couple!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashionable early

I had a little too much fun browsing eBay and StyleBop last night. Since my birthday is coming up (90 days counts as merely, yes?!) followed by Christmas I figured, what's the harm in preparing my wishlist a little ahead this year. So without further a do, dear Santa -- behold ms Holmberg's whishlist a la 2012.

(From top left): Alexander Wang bucket bag in Navy (here), Giuseppe Zanotti boots (here), Beige sweater from Vanessa Bruno (here), Zanotti zipper boots (here), Ring from Bvulgari (here), Brown ancle boots from Miu Miu (here)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blue dreams are made of these

The last two weeks have been nothing but insane, permitting little time for writing and working on my pet projects.

Bachelorette party number [fill in blank] of this summer went off without a glitch. The theme off the evening was "A night in Turkey" as the happy couple will spend their honeymoon in Istanbul. We feasted on delicious Turkish food before heading over to SAX for some dancing. I rocked my all time favorite dress from ASOS -- a purple backless little number that always treat me right. 

This weekend I will head south for the PGA finals on Kiawah Island, SC. Since this is my first major (golf) tournament I am not sure what is appropriate to wear. If you are a golf-tournament-connoisseur please do share. As off now I am planning on wearing this little number ,that I picked up on the sale, during the day on the course. For the evening I would love to wear one of these lovely creations in the pictures below. Unfortunately for me I am not sure Mr Postman would stand a chance getting them delivered before Saturday (not to mention the price tag on the Matthew William Dress--gasp!). So, my back-up dress hiding in the closet from BCBG Maxazria will just have to do. For this time. 

From left: DVF-dress-extraordinaire (here);"Get-it-while-it's-hot. Enamel necklace from Fredriks + Adrik (here); Great-deal-of-a-dress from Charlie Jade (here); Dream-budget-dress from Matthew William "Escape" Collection (here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shop like you date

I rarely go shopping for myself during the sales for many reasons (online shopping being the exception). I am very familiar with the temptation it is to "save" 70% on "that dress". You are basically saving money by buying it right?! Listen honey, buying clothes on sale one season ahead often translates into mistakes that collect dust and take up sought after real estate in your wardrobe. When hitting the sales, it should be to stock up on high quality basic tees and items not sensitive to micro fashion. There is a reason "that dress" is hanging in the corner on the 70% off rack.

With that said, I am the first to admit that there are sometimes exception to the rule. Yesterday was that exception for me. I scored. Big time. From the Esther Oxford skirt from Mark Jacobs, to a basic tee from my all time favorite t-shirt maker James Pierce, two set off sandals for $30, and a soft, comfortable wrap to keep me warm come fall. Best thing of all, my credit card wasn't left shivering.

Here are some tips for surviving the shops during the sales:
  • Stay clear off the 75% and above sales rack. Unless you know a great tailor odds are 75% off the items coming home with you will never see broad daylight again. 
  • Wear smart clothes. A nude/light colored tank top under your cardigan/sweater with leggings, and flats makes it easier to try on clothes on the store floor. Perhaps not as classy as the Middleton's but you will thank me when the line to the dressing room is longer then your patience. Go find a mirror in a quiet area (I recommend the kids or men's section) and try on the clothes over your clothes. Please note: don't bring the entire sale section with you to try on and hang back the clothes you are not taking to the counter where you found them. You don't want to anger the already agitated mothers or staff. 
  • Shopping hungry during a sale is a no-no. You may as well just cut your losses and go home. Nothing good will come home with you on an empty stomach. 
  • Shop like you date. Knowing what you are looking for before you head to the sale. Make a mental note off what is missing in your wardrobe and what you need for the coming seasons. This will save you a lot of agony and time browsing the shops. 
Happy Shopping!